Student Reviews



"This experience was one of the best experiences i ever had in my life"

Sara Marrazzini - July 2016

"The teachers and the staff were wonderful and really helpful. I wish i could have stayed here longer. The time spent here was amazing"

Jacek Sagatowski - July 2016


"Attending this school and having this experience helped me a lot with my knowledge of English and with my speaking skills.  I've enjoyed being there and meeting new classmates"

Arianna Paviglianiti - July 2016 


"Even if I've been here only for two weeks i am really happy to have done this experience.  It helped me to improve my English and it has been interesting meeting people from all around the world"

Sofia Zucca - July 2016


"The lessons were interesting, different to the lessons in Italy (high school) and good for improving my English. IH Manchester staff were always friendly and active to help me"

Martina Frigato - July 2016


"I wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone from the team but particularly Neil Garside for making what Lois called 'The best 2 years of his life.' He has enjoyed every single moment of his time in Manchester, surrounded by wonderful people who guided him wisely and made him grow into a mature, responsible young adult. My husband and I will always be grateful to you all."

Nathalie de Ricquebourg, Mother of Football Student Lois Duboisee de Ricquebourg de Sylva - June 2016


"Thank you all for the help, support, advice and encouragement i received from you. I hope the success for the school and I won't forget my first year in the UK, here in Manchester. Love you all"

Bushra Al-Muhairi - June 2016


 "IH Manchester Football programme has helped me mature both as a player, student and person as a whole"

Nate Paine, Football Student - June 2016


"It was the best experience of my life and i just can't describe how life changing it was. Thank you IH Manchester for everything"

David Eler Mendes Silva - May 2016


"It was a pleasure being taught by great and professional teachers.  I would come back if i had the opportunity"

Gabriel Bolognini Benedicto - May 2016





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